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    Official Price Guide.


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    Official Price Guide.

    Post by Dalton on Sat May 04, 2013 10:28 pm

    Chaotic rapier: 200m

    Chaotic longsword: 200m

    Chaotic maul: 400m

    Chaotic crossbow: 100m

    Arcane stream necklace: 100m

    Dragonfire shield: 50m

    Dragon claws: 200m

    Vesta's longsword: 50m

    Vesta's spear: 25m

    All barrows armour/weapons: 5m ea

    Torva full helm: 300m

    Torva platebody: 300m

    Torva platelegs: 300m

    Abyss whip: 10m

    Bandos chestplate: 100m

    Bandos tassets: 65m

    Arcane spirit shield: 400m

    Divine spirit shield: 350m

    Elysian spirit shield: 450m

    Spectral spirit shield: 300m

    Users are allowed to post suggested prices only since this is the beta.

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